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Fairy Castle Conservation

Foley Conservation (FC) is headed by Jane Foley; she is a qualified conservator accredited by the Institute of Conservation (, with an MA in Heritage Management. FC offers a diverse range of specialisms from within its group of expert associates who have proven expertise in the conservation of a variety of materials including stone, plaster, fresco, wood, metals, textiles and modern materials.

Based in mid Wales, undertaking projects for universities, museums and private collectors in Wales and the UK as a whole, Europe and the Middle East. FC is also strategically partnered with the Liparini Studio in Chicago, USA for special projects in museums and other cultural institutions.




Projects are mostly 3D objects, sculpture, mosaic, murals and paintings on canvas. FC works with museums, heritage projects and private individuals. FC offers comprehensive collection management for cultural institutions; lecture programmes and feasibility studies, interpretive and management programmes for heritage projects

Marble sculpture rescued from hurricane Katrina before treatment

Marble sculpture rescued from hurricane Katrina after treatment

Jane Foley was for a decade, the head of conservation at the Byzantine City of Amorium (Amorium Excavation project), in Turkey

Lectures programmes include:

  • US State Department funded course: Practice and theory of conservation skills for Iraqi professionals in the light of war damage.
  • University of Chicago: Display, Storage and Interpretation skills for museum professionals.

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